Are you really going to give them that?

Gift giving around the holidays can be stressful to say the least. It usually involves searching for something unique and heartfelt, without spending hours shopping for everyone on your list. When it is your third year giving a bottle of wine, it's time to rethink your strategy. Instead of gifting another ‘thing’ gift an experience! Instead of a lifeless object that may be enjoyed once, or not at all, an experience builds memories, knowledge, skills, and can strengthen relationships when done together. Here are some reasons we think an experience is the gift of choice this holiday season.

Quality Time

Most gifts are very hard to share, they involve buying a toy or gadget or something that the recipient can use for themselves. As an adult, most people buy these types of gifts for themselves as needed, and don't need you purchasing it for them. Experiences on the other hand, are a less focused gift, and can be shared between the giver, recipient, and others. Next time you want to give a gift, give something that can bring multiple people joy and share an experience together.


Most gifts are painfully unoriginal. When is the last time you had someone tell you the amazing story that ensued after you gave them that candy cane necktie? Experiences on the other hand, are not an every day gift. They are original and with a little thought can be very personalized gifts. You might forget the newest gadget you received this year, but in years to come, the time you spent experience something new with loved ones will resonate year after year.

Return on Investment

Most gifts are single use or get stuffed into a closet or junk drawer, an experience keeps on giving back. You get to gift a new skill, and may even spark a passion in someone to keep making even more. The Crafky Soap Kit is a great start for anyone looking to get into soap making on a budget. The process of soap making is simplified and streamlined to allow anyone to tweak the scent and color of the soap without having to purchase and handle harsh chemicals.

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