Why DIY kits are a great gift idea

Who doesn't love a gift that keeps on giving? Imagine receiving a gift that teaches you a new skill, and gives you a finished product. That is one of the great things about giving do-it-yourself (DIY) kits as gifts. Your friend or loved one will get to enjoy their gift more than once, making you a memorable gift-giver in the process, and giving them new ideas for unique gifts to pass along to others. There are actually several reasons that DIY kits are smart gift-giving choices.


You may have seen the multitude of DIY projects that can be found online. From outdoor projects to art, to beauty supplies, you can find just about anything. Often they require a long list of supplies or ingredients. For each project, you will likely only need a small amount of each ingredient but may have to buy full-size packages at your local stores because that's the only option. Not only does this get expensive, but after a few projects, you'll find you have half-full bags of leftover supplies filling up your storage closets. Fortunately, DIY kits give you just the amounts you need and save you money in the process. For example, to make homemade lip balm, you need wax, vitamin E, flavors or scents, measuring containers, storage containers, and ideally labels to identify what you've made and give it that nice, professional touch. Those costs will add up quickly. But you can find a pre-measured, pre-packaged, DIY lip balm making kit for only $12.99 on crafky.com. What a great value!


Because of the step-by-step instructions that come with them, many DIY kits are great gifts not just for adults, but also for kids. The creators of these kits have done the trial and error work for you, to ensure that your project will be a success. And what parent doesn't love a gift for their child that involves actually creating something, rather than playing with it once and then putting it on a shelf for eternity? On crafky.com, you can also find a DIY bath bomb kit. The kit includes ingredients, colorant, fragrance and best of all, the molds you need to make up to three bath fizzies. You'll only need a couple of common household items and a mixing bowl. This kit is great for kids especially because they will love using the fizzies they helped to make. During bath time, simply add a fizzie and you've added a bubbling, fragrant party-for-one, to an otherwise ordinary bath.


Some of us consider ourselves crafty by nature and will dive headfirst into any project we read about. Those outside of this category are a little more cautious, and perhaps have had a few of those well-known "Pinterest Fails." One awesome thing about DIY kits is that they take the uncertainty out of the equation. Retailers of DIY kits have made sure that the instructions and ingredients they provide will lead to the promised outcome. So instead of worry, the recipient of a DIY kit can just focus on the fun. While creating the DIY bath bombs, for example, you get to watch how the liquid and solid ingredients blend together to form just the right consistency and texture for the resulting bath fizzie. It's like doing a science project, but a fun one!


Inspiring creativity at any age is a great goal, and there are so many DIY kits of different kinds available that you can almost always find one suited to the interests of a friend or loved one when it's gift-shopping time. But fair warning, DIY kits can be addictive.



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