Sushi Making Kit For Beginners - DIY Sushi Roller Machine For Home - All In One Mat, Chopsticks, Paddle, Spreader, Recipe Book

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The Crafky sushi kit is the ultimate gift for that special foodie in your life. There are so many different clunky expensive gadgets for making sushi, when all you need is a few natural ingredients. You won't see the professionals using a sushi bazooka in the kitchen for a few reasons. Some methods stand the test of time, and making sushi with a bamboo roller is one of them. The Crafky sushi kit comes with all you need to make the perfect sushi roll. There is a sushi rice recipe to make sure you are starting from the best ingredients. Any store bought nori will do the trick, and you can start with the provided sushi recipe and experiment from there. The Crafky premium sushi kit is 15 pieces of quality kitchen tools, engineered to help you craft that perfect roll, at an affordable price. Chopsticks, two bamboo mats, instruction/recipe pamphlet, rice paddle, and a rice spreader. Any more than the 15 pieces here is overkill, you just want to make sushi you dont want to fill your kitchen with extra gadgets you will only end up losing in your next move. Keep it simple and affordable with the Crafky sushi kit.